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Car manufacturers and cars across the globe have become more complex and more and more computerised.  This automotive evolution has made diagnosing vehicle malfunctions impossible without equally advanced Diagnostic Equipment and the technical knowledge and skills to use it. Bullen Automotive have the state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and experienced technicians with expert back up, to get the job done.

Our Fault Diagnosis Service includes everything from turning off Service Lights and dash reminders to Engine Management, ABS Brake Systems, Fuel Injection Systems, Airbags, Convenience Systems, Transmission, Diesel Particulate Filters, and so much more.  Bullen Automotive has a detailed and thorough Fault Diagnosis Service with a high accuracy rate. Over 95% of the time we will accurately diagnose the cause of problems you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

Bullen Automotive utilises 2 main diagnostic systems, Bosch and Autologic Diagnostics. Bosch supplies many of the electronic car management systems to European, and Far East car manufacturers, and therefore understands how they work and how to diagnose when they malfunction. Autologic Diagnostics began life manufacturing diagnostic systems for car manufacturer’s own dealership networks. Now independent of any car manufacturer, they have developed equipment to diagnose malfunctions for almost 20 car manufacturer’s models.

Both Bosch and Autologic Diagnostics continually update their equipment to deal with new models and developments, and both have back up teams of experts ready to assist Bullen’s technicians with advanced diagnostic problems.

Bullen Automotive has competitive Fault Diagnosis prices and rates to better accommodate our customers.  We understand the importance of accurately diagnosing your vehicle’s malfunction and realise failing to do so can have major consequences and costs.

A testament to the diagnostic equipment and skills of Bullen Automotive is the number of independent garages, and even dealerships, that bring vehicles to Bullen when they do not have the required equipment or skills to solve problems themselves.

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